Baked with Love: The Angelic Tale of The Dog Treatery

  In the heart of Kansas, nestled amidst the vast fields and endless skies, there exists a place where love for our furry companions is baked into every treat. This is the story of our Kansas-based dog bakery, where we specialize in crafting everyday canine delights, whimsical birthday cakes, and mouthwatering cookies for dogs. At our bakery, every bark is a celebration, and every wag of the tail is cherished.

  Our journey began on a moonlit summer night in 1999, a night that would forever change our lives. My spouse and I were sitting on our porch, wrapped up in a moment of young love, when our dog at the time, a lovable mutt named Randy, sensed something extraordinary approaching. With a joyful wag of his tail, he alerted us to the presence of a mysterious, ghostly white figure creeping up our driveway.

  Intrigued, we cautiously approached the figure huddled next to our car, and what we discovered that night was truly remarkable. She was a Staffordshire Terrier, her coat marred by bite wounds (clearly a fighting dog) and deep cuts from being tied down too long. To make it worse there was a softball-sized infected goiter on her neck. But what struck us the most was her emaciated and dehydrated state. Without hesitation, we provided her with food (she ate three bowl) and water. It was as though this gentle soul knew she had found her sanctuary, what would be her forever home. She would never be forced to fight again.

  The beautiful dog that had wandered into our lives that fateful night would become known as Angel. Her name was a testament to the ethereal glow she exuded in the moonlight, as if she had descended from the heavens above. After a quick visit to the vet, Angel was on the mend, and her spirit was unwavering. She greeted each day with boundless joy, leaping five feet into the air and bruising our legs with her exuberant tail wags. Angel had come into our lives as a survivor, and she taught us that a little love could go a long way.

  Over the years, Angel's wounds healed, leaving behind only the faintest of scars. Yet, she carried herself as if she bore no trace of her past hardships. Dogs, you see, have an incredible capacity to forgive and to love unconditionally. Angel embodied this beautiful quality, reminding us daily of the power of compassion.

  In 2011, we sadly had to say goodbye to Angel as she succumbed to cancer. But her legacy lives on in the treats we create with love and dedication. If you take a look at our logo, you'll see her radiant persona gracing the top. We wanted Angel to forever be a part of what she inspired, a symbol of the love and resilience that brought us together.

  At our dog bakery, we are committed to crafting treats that are as wholesome as the love that Angel shared with us. We believe in using only the finest ingredients, the kind that you'd be proud to serve to your own pack. Our treats are created in small batches, each one made with care and precision. We source premium ingredients like free-range chicken and eggs, organic flours, whole oats, and all-natural cheese. When preservation is needed, we use only natural methods, ensuring that every treat is a testament to our commitment to quality and your dog's well-being.

  So, as you browse through our selection of treats and cakes, remember that each one carries a piece of Angel's spirit, a reminder of the love that inspired our journey. Celebrate your dog and make every day special with our handmade delights. We invite you to join us in honoring Angel's memory, and in doing so, spread a little more love to the furry friends who grace our lives.