This year, your dog deserves their very own, customized birthday cake, matching party hats & treats for their big day! Everything you need to PAWTY!

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Big Bone Cake for Dogs

The Big Bone Cake for Dogs, an impressive 10-inch by 7-inch canine confection, perfect for your larger pups or epic celebrations. Customize with 14 icing color choices, personalize with your dog's name and age.

Birthday Cakes for Dogs

Offered in your choice of flavors including Peanut Butter & Carob, Peanut Butter & Banana, Bison Sirloin or Pumpkin Cinnamon Cake!

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Birthday Hats for Dogs-Customized

Customize this birthday hat with any name! 6 pattern choices, available in four paw-fect sizes to fit your dog! Includes a specially designed ear cut-out to better fit between your dog's ears, snug fit slide-lock , elastic string and matching pom-pom.

PupCup Cakes Mini 12pc

When that special day arrives celebrate with Mini PupCup cakes! Easily served these little nuggets are completely coated in yogurt, like a cake pop for dogs without a stick.

Big Bone Cookie for Dogs

These handmade 5" long dog treats are en-robed with a luscious white yogurt frosting, decorated in your choice of 17 messages, in a palette of 12 vibrant colors.

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Special Occassion Cookies for Dogs

These handmade 5" dog treats are hand decorated with your choice of messages, in vibrant holiday colors, and can be personalized with your dogs name. Make this holiday wag worthy with personalized cookies for all your furry friends!

Cookies for Dogs-Customized

Cookies handmade fresh to order, we can even add your dog's name! Choose from three messages in two sizes and any of 14 colors.

Cupcake Dog Cookie

Cookies handmade fresh to order with Happy Birthday or Happy Adoption day on the top.

Deluxe Pretzels

Don't get your tail in a twist, we have the perfect sweet treat for your dog! We make these just like we make all of our treats, with human-grade ingredients and a measure of love.

Birthday Cookie 4 Pack

Festive Birthday pack includes four organic ginger cookies in fun shapes: a gift package, party hat, cupcake and cupcake with candle. Hand decorated and made with human grade ingredients they look like they came from your favorite human bakery!

Paw Print Cookie 4 pack

Put your paws in the air for low-fat cookies!

PupCup Cakes Mini 18pc

Whether it's a big multi-dog party, daycare event, Valentine's Day or Christmas these little gems are an affordable treat for those celebrations when you need a little extra.

Goodie Bag Party Favors

These ultimate party bags with assorted flavors are pure pooch delight.

Birthday Candles

Get the party started with a red fire hydrant candle, white bone candle or florescent green tennis ball birthday candle!

Paw Prints-a-Round Balloons

Premium quality 11" latex balloons, made by the largest balloon manufacturer in the world. Perfect for matching any theme with a 360° black on white paw print pattern.

Party Mix

The ultimate dog party mix! Each bag is pure pooch delight, filled with a minimum of four dog-favorite flavors.

Birthday Party Pack -Basic

Everything you need for a small dog birthday party. You’ll get one cake customized with your dog's name and in your choice of colors, one birthday candle, one goodie bag, a Kong Air Dog Ball and six festive paw print balloons.

Favor Bags 10 Pack

These adorable little bags are ready to be filled with your treats, toys and other small party favors. We now have FIVE fun designs to choose from!

Paw Print Stickers

Use these stickers to seal Party invitations, close holiday cards, Favor Bags or for any other paw-ty related needs!

Birthday Party Pack -Deluxe

This Pack has everything you need for a big Dog, or a big dog's, birthday party!

Birthday Cookie Sets

A festive set that will have your dog drooling on his big day!

Party Bones

Dipped & individually wrapped Peanut Butter bones that are ready to stuff into favor bags, stockings or offer to fur babies at the party. Let the furry festivities begin, with party bones coordinated to match your theme/colors!

PupCup Cakes Large

When that special day arrives celebrate with our fully customizable large PupCup Cakes!

Birthday Hats for Dogs

A classic style party hat, with a paw print pattern, available in four paw-fect sizes to fit your dog! Includes a specially designed ear cut-out to better fit between your dog's ears, 10 color choices, it comes with a matching pom-pom and elastic string.

Hot Dog Its my Birthday Hat for Dogs

A hot new hat for dogs that's available exclusively from The Dog Treatery!

Poms Away! Birthday Hats for Dogs

Ultra fancy and super festive, your pooch's photos will make a social media statement irresitiable to comments!

Rainbow Birthday Hats for Dogs

A full rainbow top to bottom, with puffy pom pom clouds and silver ribbon lining!

Kong SqueakAir Balls

Top off a gift basket or round out a birthday party with a classic squeaky Ball!

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Jelli Number Balloon

Translucent pastel rainbow (Ombré) front with solid silver back creates a "jelli" effect. Self-Sealing air-fill, with included straw, or use a hand pump. Will not float with helium but includes easy to hang tabs with holes for string. Made in the USA!

Note Cards with Envelopes

A 10 pack of Mini black paw print cards, includes assorted color envelopes.

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