Birthday • Gotcha Day • Adoption Day • Christmas

Customize any of our Cakes for your Event or Holiday.

Choose a size, then choose from 4 cake flavors. Pick your colors then personalize with their name!

We use organic ingredients to bake our cakes and for dogs with allergies we offer a Grain Free option. 

Big Bone Cake for Dogs

The Big Bone Cake for Dogs, an impressive 10-inch by 7-inch canine confection, perfect for your larger pups or epic celebrations. Customize with 14 icing color choices, personalize with your dog's name and age.

Birthday Cakes for Dogs

Offered in your choice of flavors including Peanut Butter & Carob, Peanut Butter & Banana, Bison Sirloin or Pumpkin Cinnamon Cake!

PupCup Cakes Mini 12pc

When that special day arrives celebrate with Mini PupCup cakes! Easily served these little nuggets are completely coated in yogurt, like a cake pop for dogs without a stick.

Birthday Cakes for Horses

Carrots, Molasses, and Oats, oh my!

PupCup Cakes Mini 18pc

Whether it's a big multi-dog party, daycare event, Valentine's Day or Christmas these little gems are an affordable treat for those celebrations when you need a little extra.

Birthday Party Pack -Deluxe

This Pack has everything you need for a big Dog, or a big dog's, birthday party!

PupCup Cakes Large

When that special day arrives celebrate with our fully customizable large PupCup Cakes!

Clip Clop Cakes for Horses

NEW! "Bite-Sized" Hand-made and decorated to order for your Equine!

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