Meat Tooth

So your dog has a Meat Tooth and not a sweet tooth? Do they love, beef, liver or chicken? Maybe they love all meats? We have a treat to hit the spot, er, Spot's tummy that is!

Humans Taste Like Chicken Crackers

A classic dog cracker, with a twisted name, these little nuggets are made with free-range chicken breast!

Liver Bits

Dogs go CRAZY for the smell of our fresh Liver Bits!

Bison Chips

Gluten-Free, Corn Free, Wheat Free, low-fat and all organic.. could this be the perfect dog treat? Made with lean ground Bison, they are low fat with a robust smell dogs adore.

Goodie Bag Party Favors

These ultimate party bags with assorted flavors are pure pooch delight.

Party Mix

The ultimate dog party mix! Each bag is pure pooch delight, filled with a minimum of four dog-favorite flavors.

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